Fark Top 10 Interesting News Headlines…Vampires+Sandusky+Masturbating ect.

Every morning I will be posting cool and interesting headlines from Fark… Top 10 Fark Headlines….


1.FTFA: Generally speaking, “walking back and forth masturbating in the driveway, the front yard and between the trucks” is not a socially acceptable practice

2.Who says theres a problem with parenting today? Mom and daughter have a night of Arts and Craps

3.Sandusky’s laughably inept lawyer fails to prevent him from getting wrestled into soapy submission on the first day of his trial

4.Never mind the cannibals, now it’s vampires

5. Man attempts to kill his housekeeper because she wouldn’t polish his knob.

6.Family net worth plummets nearly 40%

7.♫ I shot the sheriff ♫ And I did it legally in Indiana ♫

8.Dingo ate my baby

9.Mother-of-two disfigured by seven tumors on her face says, “Tumor would benign”

10.Don’t accuse someone of stealing your car keys unless you’re very certain that he has your car keys, and also that he won’t beat you to death and rape one of your friends after the accusation


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