Apple Store Refused to Sell iPad to Iranian-Americans

iPads are all the rage right now, “rage” being the operative word for two US citizens who were refused the trendy tablet because of their ethnicity. Sahar Sabet and fellow Farsi speaker Zack Jafarzadeh, both of Iranian descent, were unable to purchase an iPad from an Apple Store in suburban Atlanta reports local media.

“He didn’t have any business asking me what country I was from,” said Sabet of the Apple Store clerk who turned her down upon hearing her speak Persian. Jafarzadeh, who was likewise rebuffed, said he was “appalled.” Apple Store reps aren’t ducking the accusation. In fact they’re copping to it, citing US sanctions against Iran as company policy. But according to Sabet, Apple isn’t being very consistent about it: the company’s customer relations staff said she’s more than welcome to just go purchase the iPad online.

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