Farm Bill is Really a Food Stamp Bill….that is up to be chopped down a lot…


Aer773 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Senate’s farm bill mostly isn’t about farms – it’s about food stamps. Nearly four fifthsof its almost $969 billion spending go to food aid. And it’s probably going to pass, but not before a lot of political grandstanding.

The bill has swollen to 1000+ pages, since there’s nothing Senators like more than to slap a simple bill with thousands of irrelevant amendments. Some of the more apt amendments, aimed at food stamp spending, will be hotly debated today.

The farm bill as-is would cut$4 billion from the food stamp program. Dems are resisting amendments cutting another $250 million, which they say would mean half a million families lose $90 per month. Republicans want to deepen the cuts by more strictly enforcing laws that deny food stamps to families with savings of over $2,000, and ending other workarounds used by states.

The Senate has already said no to a dramatic amendment from Rand Paul, R-Ky., which would have repealed the entire food stamp program.


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