Who was K.Michelle Talking About When She Said Her Ex Beat her and Took her money….read on

On the first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, K.Michelle the beautiful singer who music I love. She express the reason her singing career didn’t take off the way it was intended, she express how the guy she loved and had a relationship with beat her and took money from her. Money taken was well over 2million dollars. So who was this guys she was speaking of, well from sources it is Toya ex wife of rapper Lil Wayne, husband Memphitz yep him. She admit she went crazy during that time and now is doing better and getting her life and music back. So this is what the sources say about it:

In the premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, struggling recording artist K. Michelle comes clean that she had scored a $2 million record deal with Jive through a man that she really loved but “beat her ass” and left her with nothing. She did’t say who he was but signs point to Jive music executive Memphitz.


It doesn’t end there! The 26-year-old artist also said the man paid for her breast implants and bought jewelry for himself with her money!

She eventually found herself with nothing, saying the man had become abusive and left for her for another woman.

After a little digging on K. Michelle’s website, Memphitz (who is now married to Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya) stands accused. She wrote that she ran into the fellow Tennessee native who gave her her big break. “I introduced myself to him. I had nothing to lose,” says Michelle. “He asked me what I was doing there trying to get a record deal without him.”

According to Urban Belle, Michelle was dating Memphitz while he was in a relationship with Toya. He used Michelle’s money to buy a house and spent it on courting Toya.

K. Michelle is in debt after her deal failed and she never recovered after Memphitz ran off with all her money.

Watch Full Episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Premiere


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