FASHION:Crayola has upgraded to nail polish that is…now you can color your nails

You could color on a lot of things as a kid: paper, Polaroids, the fridge, the kitchen table. But one thing crayons never seemed to conquer was the human body. It was fun trying to get a heart tattoo in Robin’s Egg Blue or Turquoise, but thanks to their childproof wax, crayons never actually scribbled on our hands and feet.

Now that could change, because Crayola just released a box of nail polish. There are eight colors, and each matches an original crayon hue. Some, like Cotton Candy, have glitter; a few, like Orange, are metallic.

You can get the whole set for $12 online, and yes, they come in a giant yellow crayon box – because that part is really important to our inner five-year-old.

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Crayola polish, $12 for eight at Fred Flare.


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