Motivational Thursday The Healing Processing

Motivational Thursday| When you just coming out of a relationship from the heartbreak hotel, do you seek another relationship just because you lonely and need companionship.. or do you seek to heal yourself of the past relationship first… Healing is everything,loving yourself and becoming loveable is essential. How can you really say your heart is healed when you still mad about the pass relationship, and how could you give your all to a new one when the one before that one is not healed….patience,time,healing and prayer is the process.. not move on and getting over it and move on to the next..just because the next one just pops up in your life…love lessons will not be learned until you have healed…



  1. This is very true! Over a month ago I just got out of a relationship. The “end” of the relationship made me realize I had to slow down…STOP even..and THINK about my next move and not just react. Throughout life we all we can not to feel anything negative (i.e. rejection, heart-break, fear, abandonment) . I have made the decision to learn to love myself and fall in love with me and become closer to God!…..Building my relationship with God has help to guide and understand my purpose. Loving self is so important. Having a peace of mind and finding Joy in living is equally important.


  2. You are so right… and I am so glad that you are making huge steps to heal your heart, mind body and soul..Kudos to you and good luck…

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