The New Generation of TV Online Introducing Futubox……

While I got a chance to enjoy this service, I just have to say it’s cool to know I can access live streaming TV on my laptop and Ipad. The streams or incredibly beautiful, no skips although you do need a higher internet bandwidth. My review on this is gonna be quick and straight to the point and with no hidden agendas. With that said I will talk about the good and the bad of this service. First the bad get that out the way. The bad thing about this service is it does have outages sometimes, I know that can be very frustrating and also they need quick and faster response time. With internet TV it will freeze up often but from time to time but truly expected, they just need to let you adjust your bandwidth, like Google TV does on the Youtube App. Now with that said the good is that this service is highly cool to view, great interface, almost all of your favorite channels at your reach, you can be at home on your laptop and Ipad and watch live streaming TV, you can even watch it on your TV at home.  I have yet to see if it works with Google TV yet which will be a great service for it by the way, they might want to look into that. Now with this service yes there is an subscription fee on the Futubox you might want to check that out, and all it’s cool features and channel list to see if it fits you. The channel list is great sports, entertainment, news, movies and so on. Also available in French, Italian and English channels so giving you array of languages to look forward to. What I enjoyed the most was the HD channels yes buddy they where great to see, I almost felt like I was in a theater on my laptop (lol) but yes I did. HD channels are hard to come by even on your cable and satellite subscribers they should make it available just because, but unfortunately they don’t but Futubox does and that was amazing. So check the Futubox out, see what you have been missing and also they may even still have there trial available up for grabs. With the trial it might only last 1 to 3 days, it would be great if they can make it last longer, like Netflix up to a month so you can get a feel of the product. I am out and that’s my full review on The Futubox, tell me how you liked it on a comment below and if you have already had a chance to use it. See what the Futubox looks like pics below…..

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  1. Futubox is great, really, I tried it. But it is also not very legal, and may therefore definitely stop at anytime, also their Ukrainian payment page can scare you a little bit 🙂

  2. Great to know you have tried it and your opinion about it…I really think if networks just give in internet tv would be a hit….

  3. Brilliant ! Exactly what I was looking for; can’t stop watching ! This is definitely the futur. Go FutuBox !
    They even go mobile now (IOS & Android) !

  4. i have it for more than a week now… the service is really poor… even though they offer HD channels… you can see it straight, cause every 10 sec it freeze… also the platform doesn’t work properly, the tv guide always shows the same programs.
    i think the need to improve their servers also more for bandwidth, because even they say you just need 5 mbps… i have 12mbps, trough fiber optics and gets freeze… now i have 18 mbps, thinking it was a problem of my bandwidth, still the same…

    i hope they get to fix this problems quick… cause this would be the best of the best on internet tv… no contract and good channels… by the meantime, im note paying 10 bucks monthly to see tv broken in 10 seconds frame…


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