Should Nielsen ratings retire…

You know your favorite TV show that you love so much, that English: The "peanut" remote for the...sometimes you miss because you had other things to do. So you TiVo it or DVR or maybe just caught it online on the website if they have it available. Well guess your favorite TV Show will not be back next season but you hear all the raves about the show and how good it is, so why is it getting cancelled really. Well thanks to Nielsen that’s what happen if you didn’t catch it on it premiere night then you watch it at all don’t count Should it count yes I think so no matter what day, what time or platform you choose to watch it. Nielsen has a lot of reinventing it needs to do or ship out and let the real tech heads do there magic. We are to advance in this day and age for these cool shows to be cancelled due to Nielsen out of date data. We should be able to watch it live on TV, online or any platform that host the TV Show and it get counted as watched. So that’s why a lot of major media Like Viacom has not moved to the internet or have not let Google TV get HULU which would be a big hit for Google TV. Are they being selfish, greedy or just plain dumb of wanting to keep things only on cable. If they don’t get with the times they will find there selves disappearing real fast thanks to out of date sources.


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