UPDATE! Chad Ochocinco Johnson Arrested In Miami For Allegedly Head-Butting Wife Evelyn

UPDATE: Chad speaks on what happen: Johnson confirmed that he and Evelyn Lozada were arguing in regards to a sales receipt. During the argument Evelyn Loada began yelling F*CK IT!! She then head butted Johnson. This caused the laceration on her forehead

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Johnson was arrested Saturday night at his home on charges of domestic violence, according to Davie Police Department Capt. Dale Engle.

Johnson, who started Saturday night’s 20-7 exhibition loss to Tampa Bay, allegedly head-butted his new wife, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument.

Johnson and his wife went to a restaurant for dinner, Engle said. They returned home and she found a receipt for a box of condoms, a police spokesman said.

An argument ensued, Engle said.

“It gets pretty heated,” Engle said. “By the time they get home here in Davie it’s pretty heated. She alleges he leaned over and head butted her. He says she leaned towards him and that they butted heads. Needless to say she has a good laceration on her forehead.”

When cops came on the scene Lozada, a star in VH1’s Basketball Wive’s Reality series, had lacerations on her forehead, and Johnson was arrested.

Since entering the NFL in 2001 Johnson, a Miami native who lives in Davie, had never been arrested. But he was arrested in college for a domestic dispute…

Lozada was treated on the scene by fire-rescue personnel. She was transported to Westside Regional Hospital.

Johnson remained in jail as of late Saturday night, and was likely to be transferred to Broward County Sheriff before midnight.

The spokesman said Johnson would not be released until he appears in front of a judge, which could be as late as Monday morning.


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