What could cost you your job: Top 13 list of why you could be let go!

1.Lying or Stealing
2. Padding Your Resume Too Much
4.Failure to Show Up
5.Using Drugs or Showing up to Work Drunk
6. Sexual Harassment
7.Poor Job Performance
8.Too Much Drama on the Job
9. Sleeping on the Job
10.Being Either Too Friendly, or Not Friendly Enough

We know those are the common ones but what about the one’s you barely hear about but actually happens.

11. The insurance company (yep) did you know many people loose there job everyday due to the fact that family members in there house hold might be sick and using to much insurance like surgery cancer or any other illness. Insurance companies hate to pay a lot of money out so you could loose you job so you want be cover and they will no longer pay the cost. Leaving you with a bill in debt.

12. Racism on the job many worker have lost there job due to racism either because they sexual background or color.

13. Personal Issues a lot of people have people on the job that may not like you so guess what you can loose your job by he/say and her/say

Got any others you heard about than put them on the comment box below


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