Elle Varner // Stuff Fly People Like (SFPL) Magazine! (Premiere Issue)

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“I couldn’t believe it. I thought at first it was just a rumor, but then I watched and it was definitely real,”
says Varner in response to the shock of the news.

“I was shocked but also proud that the White House approves my music for their precious daughters to
listen to. I made an album that simply told my story, and that it could be appreciated by both a 14-year-
old and her mother [is amazing].”

Catering to multiple audiences is a trait that Elle Varner is well on her way to mastering, but she may
also be the missing link to reviving an entire genre. Rhythm and Blues have definitely evolved over the
years, but with the popularity of rap, some feel that it has taken a back seat. Elle acknowledges the
missing element and plans to take the world by storm in the process of getting the genre back to its

“I think Rhythm and Blues is missing the “Blues” and that emotional hits-you-in-your-chest feeling that it
was built on. The rhythms are there but the quality and content just aren’t what they used to be. Luckily,
there are a lot of artists right now not only making great R&B, but getting some mainstream shine as
well. I plan to take my music to a worldwide level so R&B isn’t the one trying to squeeze into the picture,
but actually standing proud in the center of the photo.”


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