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A 19-year old girl did the right thing and got tested for HIV; unfortunately she did not understand her results and posted it on Twitter, thinking that she was in the clear.

The young woman tweeted, “My HIV results came back positive. I’M CLEAN.” Her Twitter followers quickly gave her the bad news and told her that “positive” meant that she had contracted the disease. MediaTakeOut grabbed a screen shot of her tweets. Check them out below:

This is an epic fail of the day for a number of reasons. First, who in the world tweets their STD results. Second, how does she not know what HIV Positive means? Third, why would she think that the doctor wants to “congratulate” her on her status, even if it was negative?

People post way too much personal information on social networking sites. ‘SMH @ #thisgirl’

(AllHipHop says be safe. Get tested.)


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