Matt Lauer Has Turned Into An Animal “Not Listening To Anyone”

(NYPost)-As “Today” sinks in the ratings, Matt Lauer has become an “anchor animal” behind the scenes, NBC sources say, adding that he’s taken control of the show and berates staff who are no longer allowed to even mention rival “Good Morning America” around him.

Sources tell us that fired-up Lauer recently inserted himself into all key decisions on “Today,” and is basically executive-producing the show himself while telling staff they’re not trying hard enough.

“Matt’s turned into an anchor animal,” said a network source. “He’s making all editorial decisions, he’s running the show and he’s not listening to anyone . . . it’s a huge problem.”

I’m sure this is not the last time we will be hearing about Matt Lauer


One Comment

  1. Spoiled brat; can’t handle karma!
    Staff should punch out his lights
    &/or pound senses into him! I’d
    punch him out! He need a lesson
    & more! Kick him to the ends of the
    earth then push him over! Aloha!

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