When I had all hope for her poor thang what the hell she was thinking::::::::and on top of that I see why she didn’t make it on Single Ladies

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Stacy Dash played a dim wit in the movie Clueless back in the 90’s, but who would have thought that homegirl was really “clueless” in real life?! The actress, who has been engaged six times and married three times – (yeah I said it!) – has crushed hearts all over America by tweeting that Republican candidate Mitt Romney was “the only choice for your future.” Is she serious?!

Check out her tweet below:

I guess this is one chick with all beauty and no brains. Oh and by the way, this is solely my opinion and not the opinion of AllHipHop.com – I’m my own entity, ya heard!!! Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in America who feels this way. Twitter caught wreck on Stacey Dash and went in on her hard!!! Check out some tweets directed at Dash below:

Do you think Stacy is doing this…

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