‘That’s So Raven’ Star Orlando Brown — Bench Warrant #3 In Never-Ending DUI Case

Whyyyyyyy does this keep happening? “That’s So Raven” star Orlando Brown failed to show up for court AGAIN and was issued a bench warrant for his arrest AGAIN.

Brown was supposed to appear in court earlier this month to prove he had completed the court-mandated alcohol education program — per a plea deal he struck back in 2011 over his DUI charge from that same year.

But Brown never showed — and on October 23, the judge issued a bench warrant against him for $26,000. This is the third time Brown has missed a court date.

As TMZ previously reported … Brown has had TWO other bench warrants issued against him  (one in May and one in July), all stemming from the same DUI charge and all for failing to show up in court and failing to prove he’d met his alcohol education requirements.

Here’s a thought … SHOW UP NEXT TIME!!!

Calls to Orlando’s rep have not been returned.


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