In the mornings as I prepare my children for school and me for work,  I’m focused… usually. The focus factor would depend on confirmation of my to-do list for the day and the amount of caffeine I’ve consumed at that point in time. So a few months ago during one of my morning routines, in my haste I inadvertently left my coffee at home (those really close to me know that I’ve since given up the stuff because I realized I was addicted not to the coffee but to the sugar and cream).  I knew I didn’t want to drink the stuff offered at work (blah!) and I didn’t have time to stop by Starbucks so I darted over to a fast food chain.  

“Butter biscuit and a medium decaf coffee with three creams and two sugars, please.”
The Voice sighed ,”You want anything else?”
Hmm did I detect…

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