Top 10 Household Items Thieves Love Stealing| Guest Post

Top 10 Household Items Thieves Love StealingBurglars are looking for a quick score, and there are certain things they just cannot resist. It’s important to know what those items are because seeing them in your home can be an enticement to come in and look for more. Keep these items out of sight from visitors, delivery people and people walking by your home to protect yourself.
Cash – Everything else has to be sold to get the money they really want, so finding cash is their idea of a perfect payday. This includes piggy banks and jars filled with coins.
Tools – They don’t have serial numbers, they look alike and they’re easy to move. They’re also sitting in plain sight in your unlocked garage.
Jewelry – Criminals don’t care that it’s your grandmother’s engagement ring worth $10,000. They will happily pawn it to the first shop that doesn’t ask questions for a payday of measly grand.
Video Games and Systems – Like tools, they all look alike and they’re easy to sell for cash.
Portable Electronics – This includes laptop computers, iPods, iPhones and tablets. They have a decent resale value and they’re easy to sell for cash.
Guns – Criminals can always find a use for a gun. Most of them are unable to buy guns legally due to background check requirements, so you can bet that a burglar does the happy dance whenever he can score a gun.
Portable Safes – Who knows what treasures are inside? Gold, cash or guns could be secured safely inside the metal walls of that safe. They don’t need to open it at your house. They’ll just take it with them and open it using the power drill snagged from your garage.
Purses and Wallets – The home of cash, credit cards and sometimes jewelry, it’s like opening a present on Christmas for them.
Credit Cards – Thieves know when you’re sleeping and they know when you’re out of town. It may take you a little while to realize the cards are stolen, but they can have a lot of fun with them in the meantime
Your Identity – Increasingly, your most valuable possession is the one the thieves want the most. Social Security cards, credit card offers with your information and other mail makes it easy for them to steal your identity and start living the good life at your expense
Protect yourself from criminals by keeping these items out of sight. Lock your tools in cabinets out in the garage, and keep your most valuable jewelry hidden away where thieves won’t find it. Ideally, you should take steps to make your house harder to break into. However, you should also keep these items out of sight to make sure that you are not a target for criminals.
Author Bio
Hayley is a security specialist, author and blogger.  She recommends visiting to pick up a home security system with ADT monitoring.


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