Celeb News This week….. Oh So Low Down….

With all the Oscar emotions going on check out what happen in Hollywerid over the week and weekend…..Khloe Kardashian is still trying to fill her womb with the next Kardashian heir. Rihanna wants to go from “musical queen to baby mama,” and is trying to get pregnant with Chris Brown’s baby because she thinks “that’s the best way to get Chris to put a ring on her finger” No she didn’t think that. Any who Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) found out that they’re having a baby boy, which they’re totes happy about because according to a friend, “Kim adores Mason, so she’s excited to have a little boy like him”. Also Kim Kardashian is in “denial about being pregnant” and refuses to stop wearing sky-high heels. What is it going to take I know some swollen ankles and heavy bloated weight from the growing belly. RHOA‘s Phaedra Parks is mad as hell that cast mate Kenya Moore backed her ass out of a joint workout video called Donkey Booty and has gone behind her back to produce her own, solo workout video called Stallion Booty, launching an all-out “battle of the booties” between the two former bosom buddies.Will this booty madness end and how will all this play out on RHOA, we shall see. In another edition of Kim K News “Kim Got Pregnant For $22 Million!”
“Kim’s Web of Lies” rehashes some old crap about why KK wants a divorce instead of an annulment: If she gets the marriage annulled, she’s admitting there was fraud, and brands who donated to make the wedding happen could sue her. Meanwhile, a source says Kim “totally used Kanye for his sperm” and after she didn’t get pregnant from banging him noon and night, “sweet-talked him into doing in vitro.” They visited Beverly Hills fertility specialist Dr. Mark Surrey and the conception was arranged. Plus, Kim had sex with Kanye while she and Kris were still together, claims a source, and she cheated on Kris with some millionaire businessman. Will the madness ever end. Can I say you big dummies to Chris Brown and Rihanna are planning a wild wedding, says a source: “They want tattoo artists, fire breathers and a near-naked waitstafff.” This might be happening as soon as July. Oh how sweet I just hope this doesn’t last 72 hour let along 72 days Kim and her ex hub are so far still in the winning.

[Kim Kardashian and Kanye West]

Rihanna and Chris Brown


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