Damon Dash Opens Up About Life After Aaliyah, Jay-Z & Rachel Roy


Damon Dash

Record producer and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash has had a series of high-profile personal and professional relationships throughout his career, including a love affair with the late Aaliyah, a marriage to fashion designer Rachel Roy and business partnership with Jay-Z. Eventually, each of these relationships ended or turned sour, and instead of dealing with his losses in the public eye, Dash decided to spend the last few years of his life out of the spotlight.

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Well, he’s risen from his cave and he finally opened up about some of the harder times in his life in a recent interview on the Comebat Jack Show. Here’s a few highlights on what he had to say about healing and moving forward.

On dealing with Aaliyah’s death:

Meeting someone that’s…

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