Save Face this summer with Zyrtec

This post brought to you by Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well it's a great thing I am writing this post because I suffer from allergies really bad, just yesterday I was full of tears due to watery eyes. My days as an allergy suffer is so crazy, I mean I get these red swollen puffy eyes or it can be worst my whole face just puff up. In those times I try to find what's right for  me to deal with this crisis, I have tried several and nothing does me better than Zyrtec. See when I was at a family outing I ate some crab meat oh my it was delicious, but one thing was wrong yes I had an allergic reaction. I had to go to the hospital really quick because my face had blew up and my throat was closing, so they manage to get that under control and gave me some Zyrtec as well. Yes it worked like a charm, I was back to myself really quick.

Just to be clear having allergies do make you look tired, annoyed and anything to do with I have the Allergy Face. I mean I have  had the rudolph the red nose rain deer look in mid July, and don't forget about those puffy cheeks it can rave havoc on you but it's so fixable.I myself have a tip that helps me, get a cloth towel and soak it in hot water get it hot enough so you can stand it, and place the towel over your face it will help reduce the puffiness.

On the video below you learn a few tips from Beauty Expert Rebekah George and Actress Debra Messing, on how to get rid of that Allergy Face this summer. Simple and easy tips to help you go along your busy day. These tips really helped me I am Allergy Face no more.

Tips in the video include:

Less is more, dampen your makeup brushes for a more dramatic look.

Extend your concealer towards the hollow of your nose.

And if you wearing glasses use a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone.

Use tugless makeup remover to be gentle on red irritated nose.

And did you know 96% of women with allergies suffer the Allergy Face. One thing that surprise me about this stat is I had no idea that this many of women suffered the Allergy Face.

Another great tips I have is honey, this works for me on my puffy eyes and if my face is puffy I just make a cool mix of lemon and honey. I spread it evenly along my face and let it sit for maybe 1 to 2 min tops. I then grab me a hot towel and cover my face and remove the towel and my face looks great. Now if you or allergic to pollen like me do not try pure raw honey. Always do a spot test first.

Now if these tips help you are if you have tips of your own I would love to know, the more the merrier. How do you tackle your Allergy Face let everyone know comment below. Don't forget to Check out Zyrtec on Facebook

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