Shopping on #blackfriday use to be trying to beat the crowd, but their is a better way to getting the savings and catching those deals. No you do not have to join a club or print out a lot of coupons. All you have to do is check out this website to keep in touch with deal and sales all year long, but especially on those after holiday sales.

This has got to be the most simple yet, more and more sales to come. Waiting has never been so fun, also not waiting to bum rush into Walmart or Kohl’s has never been so delightful. I am going to sit home this Black Friday and #cybermonday, and beat the crowd. Will you? Jax Bens has got my full attention this holiday, a cool little shopping directory marketplace. I will be discovering new shops and finding deals along the way. I am glad I stumbleupon this cool little hidden gem.

Also this site has a lot to offer, I talked with the owner and they are expanding with a lot more to come. I love how they verify the stores, which makes me feel safe to shop. They also have on their site that they do not add all stores online, because they want to keep you protected. Win win I love that. They also said that they will be adding more stores and a shop list, which they say is huge. So I can’t wait… where will you be shopping this holiday online or retail stores? Checkjaxbens Jax Bens out for more don’t never say I never shared anything lol.


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