The Real Grown People Of Facebook Join Us

Come Join us : Click here to join Accepting Male and Female must be mature grown no kids

The Real Grown People of Facebook

All grown people no kids or kid like adults all full grown people leaving the bullshit at the door and be real

Where we enjoy each other’s company without all the drama, well just a little bit of drama maybe around LOL. We all may have different opinions on things that other’s may not agree with, and that’s ok and if you grown then you can handle it if not this may not be the group for you. So enjoy let your hair down guys take your hats off… but read the rules yes we have rules but only a few. We just want you to have a good time and enjoy a place to talk about any and everything. Posting is required if you don’t post at all you will be removed from the group…


NO posting of porn or harsh gore type pictures and videos

NO disrespecting other members by calling them a bitch, whore ect anything offensive sending inbox notes disrespecting people

If theses rules are broken you have three options
1. Leave at your own will
2. Apologize to member or members you offended with a post of apology
3. Be banned for good from the group and put out never to return

XXX Nude pics or ok but they do have a time limit to 20min then delete by person who post or admin/ sexy PG pics are also welcome other pics as well

If you have a problem or need to leave an anonymous letter to ask advice and be posted up in the group… hit my inbox up now enjoy yourself!

Best and Worst Dressed at the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards are touted as the entertainment industry’s most exclusive awards show, drawing an impressive roster of film and television stars dressed in their absolute finest. See this year’s favorite looks!



Why are we following Celebrities on Twitter….

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We all are human and we all are superstars in our own minds, but when it comes to celebs we ain’t nothing but the norm. When you tweet messages to celebs they don’t tweet back, (Suze Orman does.) why is this. So why are we following them to listen to them go out to eat, or listen to them rant about there day. Who gives a fuck can we talk about real life, many of us have real jobs and work hard to put food on the table and get broke supporting these ass holes. So we can’t get a tweet back, wow how sweet it is to be a selfish celebrity. I know that celebs have to watch who they talk to but, some can be right down mean. They want you to like them buy they music, buy tickets to see them play basketball, football, baseball or watch there movies. When as normal people are we gonna learn to deal with the real world, they are clearly not suffering in this recession we are. Let’s get it together people, let’s get to know real people on Twitter who have the same views as us, understanding as us and let’s channel that love for one another. Celebs can give a rats ass about you just look at some celebrities on twitter profiles there following 30 people and 100,349 are following them who’s getting played. I’m not bitter it’s just that doesn’t make since, and if you follow someone you see they tweets if you don’t then you know the rest. Trust me they are never that busy…… later dudes.

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