Where Are They Now? Martin (Show) 1992-1997

As many people know this was a hit back in the early 90s we were glued to the TV set. We enjoyed the funny and witty characters and catch phrases that we use today. So where are all the funny and hilarious cast of “Martin” what are they doing, what they look like and are they still around to keep us laughing….Here is what they are doing now!

  • (C) Martin Payne (Martin Lawrence) is the central character of Martin. Born Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany. During his stint with Def Comedy Jam, Lawrence appeared in his own hit series, Martin, which aired on Fox TV. Scandal: Lawrence’s Martin co-star, Tisha Campbell-Martin, filed a lawsuit against Lawrence and the show’s producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assaults. HBO Studios settled the lawsuit so the show’s final season could be completed. Campbell-Martin agreed to complete the season on the condition that she not appear in any scenes in the last two episodes with Lawrence. After The Show:  After Martin ended its run, Lawrence found ample work in comedy films. He often starred as the second lead opposite actors including Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, and Tim Robbins. He now starts in his own lead roles now as time went on films like Big Momma House Franchise, Black Knight just to name a few. What you may not know: Martin was banned from appearing on NBC after he hosted Saturday Night Live on 19 February 1994. In order to appease network censors, he agreed not to do his opening monologue as planned. However, he did his routine as intended anyway, and this incurred the wrath of the network’s top brass. The ban was overturned several years later. However, Lawrence is still not allowed to appear on SNL. Also Lawrence was engaged to actress Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle Save By The Bell.) in 1993. Characters He’s known best for:Sheneneh, Big Momma, Mr.Otis, Jerome, King Beef and a host of others… Personal Life: He was married to now Emmitt Smith’s wife  Patricia Southall they have one child together. He also was married to but now currently divorcing Shamicka Gibbs. Lawrence also had legal and health issues in the media like possession of a loaded gun, punching a man in a night club, lashing out at tourist and also was hospitalized he was in a 3 day coma. Related to: Christopher “Play” Martin from group duo “Kid N Play” What Martin Doing Now? Working on new movie Bad Boys 3 currently in production date is unknown and Untitled project which is schedule to be release in 2012. Martin has been working since and has not stop funny as always despite setbacks he still is our favorite comedian… LIKE on Facebook
  • (C) Gina Waters-Payne (Tisha Campbell) Born Tisha Michelle Campbell-Martin (born October 13, 1968 in Oklahoma City. Campbell’s first TV appearance was at the age of 6, in a 1974 episode of the PBS show The Big Blue Marble. (Seasons 1-5; appears for a short time in Season 5), Martin’s more level-headed, long suffering better half, girlfriend and later his wife. Gina works for a public-relations firm. Campbell left the series in the middle of Season Five after she and Martin Lawrence began feuding. She later returns for the series finale, although she doesn’t appear in any scenes with Lawrence.  Scandal: Tisha filed a lawsuit against Lawrence and the show’s producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assaults. HBO Studios settled the lawsuit so the show’s final season could be completed. Campbell-Martin agreed to complete the season on the condition that she not appear in any scenes in the last two episodes with Lawrence. What you might not know: In 1993, Campbell released her debut album, which was a moderate success, selling 40,000 copies. Two singles received minor airplay on the R&B stations: “Push” and “Love Me Down” She also contributed vocals for the soundtrack her 1997 film Sprung, singing on the remake of “Don’t Ask My Neighbor” with good friend, fellow actress and former co-star Tichina Arnold. Campbell also appeared in several music videos in the 1990s and 2000s, including two for Will Smith (“Will 2K” and “Wild Wild West”) and Toni Braxton (“You’re Makin’ Me High”). Campbell later became a member of the American Film Institute and the Writer’s Boot Camp. She then produced the film short, A Luv Tale, about two women who fall in love with each other. The film won many awards, including the Audience Choice Award at the Black Hollywood Film Festival. Personal Life: Married to actor Duane Martin. Where is Tisha Now? She has appeared in several tv shows and movies since Martin. She currently have no movies coming out but we shall see what the future may hold for Tisha. She is actually auctioning off her dress to raise scholarship funds for the New Life Leadership Academy. Tisha’s son attends the school which was funded by her friends Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith in 2008. She also has a beautiful inspiring website that focus on her career and autism awareness I personally can relate to being a parent of a child with Autism. Visit her site and LIKE on Facebook SimplyTisha.com
  • (C) Tommy Strawn (Thomas Mikal Ford) born Thomas Mikal Ford (born June 15, 1962) from Yonkers,New York. Is one of Martin’s two best friends since childhood, a self-confident and worldly young man whose mysterious employment status is the subject of frequent debate among them all. Regarding Tommy’s last name, there is some confusion as to whether it was actually “Strong” or “Strawn” (the former being the most widely assumed). In Season Five, Episode Nine (“World famous,” airdate April 3, 1997), Tommy’s father, Sgt. Hamilton Strawn (portrayed by John Amos), comes to visit; he and the gang have drinks at Nipsey’s, where Tommy and his father end up competing vigorously for the attentions of an attractive young woman. In this episode Sgt. Strawn is seen, throughout his first scene, wearing military fatigues. In several close-ups during this scene the name “Strawn” is clearly visible on the left breast of his uniform. Tommy’s name is also spelled “Strawn” on his basketball jersey in the episode featuring the women’s Olympic basketball team. When his job is brought up people say, “You ain’t go no job, man!” This particularly annoys Martin because while Tommy always alludes or refers to himself being employed, he’s never clear about the type of job that he has. However, Martin is sometimes cautious because Tommy’s line of work is unknown and suspicious. Tommy is the only character (other than Martin) to appear in every episode of the series. After The Martin Show: Thomas went on to play in more movies and tv shows appearing on the hit show The Parkers as Nikki’s ex husband. What is Thomas doing Now? He is currently in two  films we can’t wait to see “Unspoken Words” which will be out sometime in 2012 and “Ivy League” also due sometime this year.
  • (C) Cole Brown (Carl Anthony Payne II) born May 24, 1969 (age 42) Trenton, New Jersey. Martin’s other best friend. Dimwitted but well-meaning, and known for his eclectic taste in headgear, he proudly cleans jets at the airport for a living, drives an AMC Pacer, and lives with his mother Maddie (portrayed by comedienne Laura Hayes) until Season Five. For a time, Cole appeared to be attracted strictly to plus-sized women, and until the final season dated a security guard named “Big Shirley” (who is fully seen in only one episode; another episode only showed “her” below the neck to portray her as being much taller and bigger than Cole). In that final season, he moves into his own apartment in a rough neighborhood, and dates Shanise, who appears to be even more dimwitted than he is. During the series finale, he becomes engaged to Shanise. Notably, Cole is absent in several episodes in Season 3 without any explanation. Personal Life: Married to Melika and is also the stepfather of Bobby Browns oldest son Landon. Characters Carl is known for: Playing the character cockroach on the hit show ‘The Cosby Show”. Where is Carl now? He resides in Los Angeles, California. Currently, Payne participates in various stage plays such as Lord All Men Can’t Be Dogs, Cheaters and Men, Money & Golddiggers, Theres A Stranger In My House. He co-starred in the stage play Love Me or Leave Me, which was turned into a television feature for the Gospel Music Channel in 2010. Also he has been on several shows and movies if you been watching the hit show “The Game” he played and escort. We hope to see more of him as well.
  • (C) Pamela James (Tichina Arnold)  Tichina Rolanda Arnold (born June 28, 1969) from Queens New,York. Is Gina’s sassy, explosive best friend who is consistently portrayed as Martin’s antagonist. Initially, Pam worked in a boutique on commission. In later episodes, it’s revealed that she works at the PR firm where Gina is employed, as Gina’s subordinate. Pam and Tommy were occasionally flirtatious with each other in the beginning, and this developed into a romantic relationship for a brief time, during the Season 3. They later broke up near the beginning of Season 4 and remained friends for the rest of the series. During Season One, Cole harbored an unrequited crush on Pam, which she usually responded to by losing her temper with him. What you might not know about Tichina: Her penchant for performing began in her childhood, holding church congregations enthralled as a four-year-old. When she turned eight, her mother and uncle encouraged her to audition, and she won a part in her first play The Me Nobody Knows at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn. In 1986, Tichina Arnold appeared as Crystal, one of the three chorus girls who perform R&B numbers in Frank Oz’s film musical Little Shop of Horrors along with future Martin co-star Tisha Campbell. Arnold was only 17 at the time, and her career continued steadily after that. In February 1987 Arnold scored her first big break on television, with a permanent role on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. Her critically lauded role, as young heroine Zena Brown, landed her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 1988. She continued in the role until the series ended in January 1989. Although not as widely known for her work in music, Arnold has experienced success as a recording artist; she co-wrote and performed the duet, “Movin Up,” which reached #2 on the Billboard Club Play chart with fellow high school alum and house music artist Inaya Day. Arnold is credited using the moniker China Ro, a pseudonym that was derived from the using only the latter part of her first name and the first two letters of her middle name. In 1998, Arnold started her own company of designer headgear called “China Moon Rags” When her daughter was born, she stopped production. She is on the advisory board for the National Parent Association (PTA), the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation. Personal Life: She has one daughter and is engaged to Rico Hines. What is doing Tichina Now: Well she is working hard and still making movies and tv shows the movies she also did a bio pic in 2008 Hope & Redemption: The Lena Baker Story please check it out should have been nominated for an Oscar. Also movie she just finish and is out now is The Great Divide.
  • (C) Stan Winters (Garrett Morris) Garrett Gonzalez Morris (born February 1, 1937) from New, Orleans,LA. He was Martin’s and Shawn’s boss, the owner and founder of radio station WZUP. He perpetually used too much cologne and wore woefully outdated clothing from the 1970s. Martin knew Stan to be cheap and quite untrustworthy, and just when Martin didn’t think Stan could sink any lower with his schemes, Stan was always able to surprise him. Furthermore, Stan is written out of the series close to the end of Season 2 when he gets into trouble with the IRS due to a debt of $20,000 in unpaid taxes, precipitating his sale of the radio station and subsequent flight to parts unknown. He returned for one episode in Season 3 to form a partnership with Martin, and together they opened a restaurant—Marty Mart’s Meatloaf and Waffles. Needless to say, their joint venture was a failure, where upon Stan left and was never mentioned again in the series. He also played on the Jamie Foxx Show as well as Jamie Uncle Jr. and a host of other movies and tv shows. What is Garrett doing Now? He is staying busy with recurring roles in 2 Broke Girls and also new movie in pre production Big Finish. He is working hard and deserve some awards I really think he does, but we love to see him work and he does a good job at it.

Other cast mates with recurring roles:

There are others check out the whole list here and click on there names to see what’s up in there lives.

  • Jon Gries (Shawn) stay working busy man

  • (C)Shanise McGullicuddy (Maura McDade) She haven’t act since 2003 last known photo of her:









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  1. Absolutely LOVED Maura McDade’s character-Shanise. Wish we could find out what she’s up to today. Thanks for the updated info.

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