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15 Things you should know about therapy

Part of the Mental Health Week, sharing with you a cool article that is light and enlightening. Just know that getting help is okay and that you will be just fine. Seeing a therapist is nothing to be ashamed about, most people visit a therapist due to stress at work, home or life in general. So know that, you don’t have to be on a roller-coasterblack-and-white-woman-girl-sitting-large melt down, to see someone about how you are feeling at that time. Mental health effects a lot of people, and you can get the help you need by talking it out. So enjoy this article.

5 Crazy Things Raven Symone said in 2015

Although Raven Symone may be the one you grown to love or hate. She has been on #nochill all this year. When it comes to Raven she has no filter on her at all. So we chopped it up on these 5 crazy things she said this year in 2015, since her permanent seat on “The View”. Her looks may have been a little crazy but nothing compared to her crazy rants.

If you been under a rock or just as busy as a bee, than you may have missed this geographical lesson Raven gave us… or at least tried to give us!

1. “I never said I wasn’t black; I said I wasn’t African American,” Raven-Symone began. “To me that’s a difference. thank you to Ancestry.com actually for sending me my DNA test. … I am from every continent in Africa, except for one, and I am also from every continent in Europe, except for one.”

Why that may have taken you back to your text books to see where the hell it said that at, peep out some more of Raven’s hot topics.co-host on ABC’s The View, Raven-Symone and the ladies of the roundtable were discussing recent comments made by Univision host Rodner Figueroa where he likened Michelle Obama’s looks to that of an ape from Planet of the Apes. Symoné defended Figueroa.

2. “Was he saying it racist-like?” Raven-Symone said on The View. ”Because he said that he voted for her later, and I don’t think he was saying it racist. … Michelle, don’t fire me from this right now, but some people look like animals. I look like a bird. So can I be mad if somebody calls me Toucan Sam?”

If you watch the show “Empire” like I do you know Terrance Howard character used the N Word, so The View discussed this and Raven ruffled some feathers…

3. While debating that issue on The View, Raven-Symoné got under some people’s skin when she implied that everyone should use the N-word. “We don’t look at it as racism as the way your generation does. We’re trying to move forward.” Right.

With the change of the face of the twenty dollar bill coming, Raven wants to shed light on who she though would be the best face going forward.

4. “Let me just preface [by saying], I understand the history,” she said. “I get it, trust me. I was taught, I’m in that culture. But there’s also Wilma Mankiller, there’s also Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Harriet Tubman…Me personally, I would’ve chosen Rosa Parks. I would have chosen someone that is closer to the progression that we’re doing now.”

Last but certainly not least, if you missed this one you really need to get on board lol.. but in cased you did the video is below. Just when I thought Raven had changed she kicked me down again.

5. ‘I’m not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea,’ the former child star said to her shocked co-hosts during Thursday’s episode of the ABC show.
‘It’s just not going to happen,’ she continued. ‘I’m not going to hire you.’

Yes their is more and yes I believe we haven’t heard the last of Raven’s rants … coming into 2016. While we wait because we know it’s coming let’s just hope it’s a mild storm nothing to big.

Here are 9 ways you maybe using your iPhone wrong


34ACZSYTOFEveryone loves the iPhone and although you may be trying to keep your iPhone out of harms way, you maybe going about it all wrong. Which means you could be doing more harm than good. So check out these 9 ways to see if you can kick that bad habit, and give your iPhone more love so it can stay around longer. Read more… Continue reading →

21 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know


When it comes to beauty, we’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeve. Whether it’s the baby-powder-as-dry-shampoo trick you picked up from your bestie or the secret hot-roller technique your mom passed down, a well-mastered hack can help you escape many a beauty emergency unscathed. To supplement your ever-broadening arsenal of beauty tricks (and to save you from leaving the house feeling frazzled), we’re sharing 21 hair, skin and makeup tips we think every woman—no matter your age, location, or mastery of makeup—should know. Smudged nails and frizzy strands, begone!