21 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know



When it comes to beauty, we’ve all got a few tricks up our sleeve. Whether it’s the baby-powder-as-dry-shampoo trick you picked up from your bestie or the secret hot-roller technique your mom passed down, a well-mastered hack can help you escape many a beauty emergency unscathed. To supplement your ever-broadening arsenal of beauty tricks (and to save you from leaving the house feeling frazzled), we’re sharing 21 hair, skin and makeup tips we think every woman—no matter your age, location, or mastery of makeup—should know. Smudged nails and frizzy strands, begone!


Top 10 Ways to Use Vinegar


1. Cleaning Fruits and Vegetables with Vinegar – This is probably my favorite use.  Just mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a bowl and soak produce for a few minutes. Then rinse. It’s really that easy and so much cheaper than the produce rinse you can buy at the store. Just prepare to be really grossed out by the amount of dirt (and bugs) left behind at the bottom of the bowl. See more frugalorganicmama.com

PM BUZZ: Katy Perry Concerned For Rihanna; Beyonce A Demon?; Lisa Raye Goes Celibate & More

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rihanna & katy Perry 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Day 3Rihanna and Katy Perry used to be good friends. But, in a recent interview in the September 2013 issue of Elle UK, the “Fireworks” singer hinted at their friendship being over and expressed concern about Ri Ri’s well-being. “I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, I’m reminded of the light that she has. There’s a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages they are the root of their demise,” she said.

“It’s really unfortunate but you can’t save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over.”

Rihanna’s alcoholic binges and behavior has alarmed many of her followers and navy. To hear that a close friend of hers is also worried about the people surrounding the star should be an indicator that she may actually need help.

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Lisa Raye Is…

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WARDROBE WARS: Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell (Supermodel Edition)

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It’s the battle of all battles: Tyra Banks vs Naomi Campbell. But don’t worry, this time it’s all about the style! These two supermodels have had their fair share of epic rivalry over the years, leading in a reconciliation on Tyra’s former daytime talk show in 2005. These days, the two beauties are more focused on growing their booming empires: Tyra with her longtime Top Model franchise and Naomi as mentor and executive producer of The Face.

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So, naturally I thought it’ll be as good a time as ever to spotlight Tyra and Naomi’s resent ensembles. Who comes out on top?You decide.

-Joy Adaeze

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WARDROBE WARS: Jay-Z vs Pharrell (Hip Hop Edition)

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Save Face this summer with Zyrtec

This post brought to you by Zyrtec. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well it's a great thing I am writing this post because I suffer from allergies really bad, just yesterday I was full of tears due to watery eyes. My days as an allergy suffer is so crazy, I mean I get these red swollen puffy eyes or it can be worst my whole face just puff up. In those times I try to find what's right for  me to deal with this crisis, I have tried several and nothing does me better than Zyrtec. See when I was at a family outing I ate some crab meat oh my it was delicious, but one thing was wrong yes I had an allergic reaction. I had to go to the hospital really quick because my face had blew up and my throat was closing, so they manage to get that under control and gave me some Zyrtec as well. Yes it worked like a charm, I was back to myself really quick.

Just to be clear having allergies do make you look tired, annoyed and anything to do with I have the Allergy Face. I mean I have  had the rudolph the red nose rain deer look in mid July, and don't forget about those puffy cheeks it can rave havoc on you but it's so fixable.I myself have a tip that helps me, get a cloth towel and soak it in hot water get it hot enough so you can stand it, and place the towel over your face it will help reduce the puffiness.

On the video below you learn a few tips from Beauty Expert Rebekah George and Actress Debra Messing, on how to get rid of that Allergy Face this summer. Simple and easy tips to help you go along your busy day. These tips really helped me I am Allergy Face no more.

Tips in the video include:

Less is more, dampen your makeup brushes for a more dramatic look.

Extend your concealer towards the hollow of your nose.

And if you wearing glasses use a concealer two shades darker than your skin tone.

Use tugless makeup remover to be gentle on red irritated nose.

And did you know 96% of women with allergies suffer the Allergy Face. One thing that surprise me about this stat is I had no idea that this many of women suffered the Allergy Face.

Another great tips I have is honey, this works for me on my puffy eyes and if my face is puffy I just make a cool mix of lemon and honey. I spread it evenly along my face and let it sit for maybe 1 to 2 min tops. I then grab me a hot towel and cover my face and remove the towel and my face looks great. Now if you or allergic to pollen like me do not try pure raw honey. Always do a spot test first.

Now if these tips help you are if you have tips of your own I would love to know, the more the merrier. How do you tackle your Allergy Face let everyone know comment below. Don't forget to Check out Zyrtec on Facebook

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Screenwriter Sues Tyler Perry … Claims Credit For ‘Temptation’ Movie – top10queen@gmail.com

TMZ EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter Sues Tyler Perry ... Claims Credit For 'Temptation' Movie - top10queen@gmail.com - Gmail

Tyler Perry‘s ‘Temptation’ has been called everything from “beyond dumb” to “flamboyantly bad” — yet a small-time screenwriter is suing, claiming Perry jacked the universally panned script from him.

It’s the classic Hollywood sob story … a man from Gary, Ind., says Perry stole his idea for “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” which didn’t wow critics, but did rake in $49 million.

In the suit, William James says the plot is similar to “Lovers Kill,” which he wrote in 2009. The lawsuit is light on details … it just says both films center on a married couple … the wife is tempted by another man, and the affair ruins the marriage.

Apparently James hasn’t seen “Unfaithful” … “Legends of the Fall” …  “The English Patient” — need we go on?

But here’s the best part: James doesn’t even know for sure that Perry ever saw his screenplay — in the suit, he claims he gave a copy to “an associate” of Oprah Winfrey, hoping it would make it to Perry.

Reps for Perry and Lionsgate … the movie’s distributor, also named in the suit … had no comment.

Madea couldn’t be reached .. but we’re pretty sure she’d have a strong opinion.